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Pro_News for DragonflyCMS

Pro_News THE Module for DragonflyCMS

Sample Headline Display from Pro_News
Sample Headline Display from Pro_News
Looking for a FOSS (Free Open Source Software) CMS released under the GPL version 2 (GNU Public License)? Then look no further than DragonflyCMS.

Looking for an advanced, powerful yet flexible, easy to use and easy to deploy module to use on Dragonfly? Then look no further than Pro_News.

The combination of DragonflyCMS and Pro_News module will give you all the tools you will need to develop, launch and maintain a website capable of everything from a simple 5-page (Home/About/Products/Services/Contact Us) through to a fully fledged business centric website with Support Forums, Reference Articles, Blogs, Downloads, WWW and Social Network links - all from the same software. And additions such a DFmaps, Storez and other specialist modules are easily obtained and installed. Details ...

Looking for a FOSS (Free Open Source Software) CMS released under the GPL version 2 (GNU Public License)? Then look no further than DragonflyCMS.
Written in PHP, and derived from PHP_Nuke and phpBB2 but completely rewritten for performance and real world security, DragonflyCMS gets my recommendation as the system of choice for any freestanding website, from a club or family bulletin board through a small business WWW presence, to a completely interactive website for company, business or enterprise.

While DragonflyCMS (formerly called CPG-Nuke in earlier versions) is the system to use, it does not have as many 3rd party "add-on" modules as some of it's competitors, or even as some of its predecessors, such as PHP-Nuke - some of the reasons relate to the fundamental changes necessary to ensure security and system performance and the correspondingly greater task to port modules from earlier less secure systems.

Looking for an advanced, powerful yet flexible, easy to use and easy to deploy module to use on Dragonfly? Then look no further than Pro_News.
Pro_News attempts to address the dearth of add-on modules for Dragonfly in an innovative way. Written for DragonflyCMS from scratch, originally by Kuragari as a beta, and completed and extended by yours truly, Pro_News' structure allows it to act as if it were multiple modules, called Sections, each with different content, different audience, differing display modes, and different access privileges/restrictions. All from within the one module, with a single, consistent Administration interface across all Sections.

Pro_News Feature Set (just a sample of the many features)
- Multiple Sections (unlimited)
- Multiple Categories (unlimited) per Section
- Optional icons per Category
- Viewer access limits selectable by Section
- Management privileges settable by Section
- Display templates selectable by Section
- Simple customization (creation/edit) of display templates
- 5 different templates supplied with Pro_News module
- Each template has display modes for article, article list and "headline"
- Ability to limit access to full article to Registered Users only **
- Choice by Section whether to display in Home page
- Article display order settable across site and/or by Section **
- Article creation by Admin or User
- Admin approval of User created articles controllable by group
- Optional images (max 2) uploadable with Article
- Simple inclusion of Photo Gallery (Coppermine) album images in Article (unlimited)
- Optional discussion comments held as held as Forum threads per article
- Ordering/re-ordering of Categories and/or Sections
- Article Previews at both creation and edit time
- Auto-publish staring and ending times for all articles
- Display table of up to 10 user fields associated with each article (optional)
- User field titles settable by Section
- Display via templates, CSS and xHTML, with differing templates by Section
- Full Multi-lingual support for articles
- Auto Block generation system for Most Recent, Most Viewed, Highest Rated, optionally by Section
- Special block for collapsible "breadcrumb" Outline Menu
- Special Center Block for Section Headlines display on any (non-Pro_News) page
- Article or Article List blocks available even within Pro_News
- Article rating system, with optional score display
- Admin functions to approve and/or de-activate articles
- Admin function to move, copy or delete articles, singly or in bulk
- Option to "promote" a Forum post to a Pro_News article **
- Default images for all articles or by Section **
- Share option for 24 of the more popular Social Networks
- Many, many Configuration options to affect display or operation.

** Features present only in latest Pro_News 3.0 release

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