Demo of the Optional FCS template from the Store

This article is a standard Pro_News article in every way. However the FCS template takes the Photo Album images that would normally be displayed down the side or across the bottom of the page, and displays dynamically like this.

The usual Image 1 and Image 2 from the article are unaffected.

Here is the link to the large FCS template also included with the package.


Javascript required in order to display content

Please enable javascript in your browser
The options for manual control include

* Auto rotates images
* Attempts to keep current scroller image in view
* Title and caption pulled from Photo Gallery
* Pause on mouse over, with titles if present displayed in tooltip
* Mouse over left/right arrow to slide scroller back/forward
* Click on left/right arrow for previous/next image
* Shift-Click on left/right arrow for beginning/end of scroller
* Mouse over any small image to display as large image
* Click any image to open in pop-up

Add interest and activity to your static article pages easily, with little effort. And it can replace the need for the Slideshow button and its attendant pop-up/poup-blocker issues.

Possible uses include: Slide presentations, Photo Collections, ebay-style for sale articles, instructional articles.

Article content received from: layingback.net,