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Pro_News CM Additional Templates

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Here are some examples of the templates available in addition to the standard templates included with the release. Don't worry these are all extras - all features of Pro_News are still available without these optional templates.

FCS for the Home Page
This ingenious template merges 1 Section's articles into a dynamic revolving display, called a Featured Content Slider. You can see an example in operation above.

FCS Display for Photo Gallery
These 2 templates turn the standard template's static list of Photo Album pictures into a dynamic fully automated rotating image display. With full manual override, and titles. This link takes you to an example fo the small FCS. Follow this link to the large sized FCS example.

Pro_News Blog Template
A new template for Pro_News which formats you article into something which visitors will instantly recognise as a Blog. You can see my blog here, using the template as is. Also note the new way of handling all the Social Network links.

Each if the above are available to our Sponsors group, or will be shortly. More templates will follow soon.



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