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Getting Latest Versions of Pro_News from Github


Call me slow, but it has just come to my attention that no longer holds any version of Pro_News more recent than 2009. That means it doesn't even carry a single version of Pro_News CM!

Let me show you where to find the latest v4.0 and later versions ... Currently 4.0.8

Introducing Github
Following changes in controlled source code storage at in 2015, I elected to move Pro_News CM to github. I thought I was moving to the same center as Dragonfly, but it turns out that I was not. Never mind, git - and particularly gitflow - suit me very, very well as a source code control system. ( Reminds very much of a Unix-based source code system from Australia installed professionally back at the end of the '80's. Wink )

Anyway, github has a nice feature that is of great benefit to you guys: in addition of being able to browse or clone - ie. make your own version copy - you can simply ignore all the source control stuff and simply grab a .zip file!

You want the latest version?
Go to and look for the big green button: Clone or download.
Click it and then click the blue link Download ZIP. That's it.

Hope this helps, and a new version is in the works ...

You want a specific version?
Only 1 extra step required.
Go to as before but now look for a caption that reads:
Pro_News CM - Content Management module for Dragonfly CMS.
Just below there will be a link that reads:
xx commits. ( A commit refers to a committed release of code. )
Follow down the page(s) of commits to find the one you are after, eg. v4.0.0 at the very bottom of the oldest page, and click on the corresponding <> button.
This will open up a page very similar to the Home page, but for the earlier release that you selected. As before look for the big green button Clone or download.
Click it and then click the blue link Download ZIP.

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