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Collaborative Code

Pro_News Collaboration

Collaborative Code

Join In the Development

I did not set out to develop this version of Pro_News. I latched on to Kuragari's Pro_News Beta as a suitable Article- (versus News Story- ) based module. I managed to get that early Beta version running under Dragonfly (not realising at the time that it was developed under 9.1.x!), and implemented it in a couple of Production websites. Then discovered that Kuragari's priorities had shifted, and Pro_News release version wasn't likely to appear in the near term...   more ...

Collaborative Code

Pro_News version 3.2: Lots of Improvement

Pagination in Article List in Admin Panel
I have been testing and using Pro_News 3.1 and I think this module has a powerful feature and need to be explored further, and of course need adding more great feature. I love too much for this Pro_News module, and that is why I am too interested to add some enhancements.

I almost complete my modification into version Pro_News version 3.1. Mostly, I made this modification based on the original News module such as "Related Topics" that I modified became "Related Articles" and "Notify Administrator of Pending Articles". The other modifications that I created is because of my need to manage article from Admin Panel, such as: Pagination link in Articles List page in, Forum ID selection in Category form, Show or hidden "No Image" holder in article page, Edit Forum ID from Submit Article page (just for edit/preview mode).

I am sure this will be useful to others who need this great module!   more ...

Collaborative Code

Number of Headlines per Section

Article originally posted by fishingfan on Friday, February 20, 2009 (07:46:14) as a forum post   more ...

Collaborative Code

Can You Improve on the Pro_News Logo?

The Kuragari logo - the News logo with Pro written across it stands out like a sore thumb. Unfortunately my attempt - from a screenshot of a headline panel - just stands out as pathetic!

[ You can seem them both as I had to use them as icons for the other Sections above. ]

So ... If anyone feels they can do better, please forward as a .png of 48x47 pixels (w x h) if you would like it considered for inclusion.