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Pro_News Basics

Pro News Administration

Administration Submit Article Screen

Blank Submit Screen
Blank Submit Screen

The Administration Submit Article screen should be familiar to anyone who has posted to News, or to the Forums.

The image field at the foot of the screen behaves similar to Coppermine upload. The thumbnail and the link to the original are active and can be checked in the Preview, as can any embedded links. Once visible as an image following a Preview, a Delete Image? checkbox appears to allow for removal and/or replacement of the image. GIF, jpeg and PNG are supported formats.

Preview Article and Submit Article buttons are available at all times on the Administration version of Submit Article.

The display of the Allow Comments and Smilies Panel can be turned off in Pro_News Config.

Multilingual support is present in Pro_News if enabled in the underlying Dragonfly CMS.

Articles created through the Administration Submit Screen are automatically Approved and Activated.




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