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Pro_News Basics

Pro News Administration

Administration of Articles - Part 2


For each article:

Click on box to left to select article for Delete, Copy or Move - see below.

Click on Article name link to display the article.

Click on Approved to approve/unapprove the article: Articles created by Administrators, or members of the approved Group (see Admin > Config) will have Approved flag set automatically. For articles entered by any other user, you will need to come here and Approve it, either directly through the Pro_News Admin screens, or by clicking on the Can Admin [Edit] in the normal article display under Home or Pro_News.

Click on Active to deactivate the Article, and thus stop it from being displayed to users. Click again to re-approve it.

Click on Edit to edit the Article, with full Preview capability.

You can click on Check All or Uncheck All to set/reset all articles.

Delete operates on all checked articles at once. You will receive just 1 confirmation message.

For Copy or Move you should first select the (single) Section?category from the pull-down menu before clicking the Copy or Move links. You will receive 1 confirmation screen for the entire set of Copies/Moves. A Move or Copy without first selecting a target Section/Category will cause the Articles to be moved to the Default Section & Category, which will result in the Articles not being visible to general users until they are moved again.




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