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Pro_News Basics

Pro News Administration

Administration of Sections

Administration Sections
Administration Sections

The upper panel is used to create, ie. add, a new Section. The lower panel is used to edit, Delete and re-order existing Sections.

To Add a New Section:

- Enter a Title;
- Optionally enter a short Description as to the purpose of this new Section;
- Select which group is to be able to View the Categories and Articles in this new Section: besides the standard All Visitors, Registered Members Only and Administrators Only, any Groups created through Administration > Groups will be available for selection as the target group. Default is All Visitors.
- Select which Group will Administer this Section: besides the standard All Visitors (not recommended), Registered Members Only (also not normally recommended) and Administrators Only (the default), one of the Groups created through Administration > Groups may be selected as the Administrator. In the case where a Group is selected members of that Group may submit and/or edit their own articles without requiring Admin approval, but will not be able to edit or delete any article created by any other member of the group.

To edit an existing Section:

Each Section is displayed in its current display order, starting with the mandatory Default Section. Any Categories and Articles stored in the Default Section are only visible to and accessible by a site Administrator.

A check mark against a Section indicates that it will be displayed in Home (if Pro_News is set as the Home module). Articles in Sections set to not display in Home are still visible under the Pro_News module accessed directly from the menu.

To Edit or Delete a Section click on the Edit or Delete buttons respectively.

To re-order existing Sections click on either an Up or Down arrow icon. Icons are only display where a legitimate up or down action could occur, eg. it is not possible to move the Default Section.




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