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Pro_News Basics

Pro News Administration

Administration Config

Adminstration Config screen with default values
Adminstration Config screen with default values

The Config screen allows for a number of site-wide selections to be made. Most are fairly common, but all are explained briefly below to be safe.

Articles per Page - Maximum number of articles to display on any Pro News page before a page break.

List Articles by - Articles are listed in reverse order of creation, regardless of Category or Section (Articles setting), or by date order descending within Section, without regard for Categories, with a title break at each change of Section (Articles by Section setting), or in date order descending by Category with Section, with a title break at each change of Section and/or Category(Articles by Category by Section). This setting affects both the display of articles in Home and in the normal Pro News page selected from the Main Menu.

Default Template - The template used for all Article display. Additional templates can be created and stored in the themes/{YourTheme}/template/article/ directory and they will be added to this list of available template choices.

Show Category Icons - Turns On/Off display of icons in Articles.

Show Posted By - Disables display of the Poseted By element of an Article without changing template design.

Show Discuss Links - Disables display of Discuss links on Articles, effectively shutting off comments. Effect is global, but Discuss can also be enabled/disabled per Article at its creation or subsequent edit.

Show Smilies Panel - Turns on/off the display of the 2 Smilies Panels in both user and Admin Submit Articles screens.

Allow Image Uploads - Disables upload of images by both Admins and members.

Max Thumbnail Width & Height - The auto-generated thumbnail is sized to these dimensions - whichever is the largest. The thumbnail is created as part of the upload. If these values are changed after 1 or more articles with images have been submitted, then the original thumbnails will not be resized. This can cause a thumbnail missing display error if the original image was originally small enough not to need a thumbnail produced, but now needs one.

Import old news articles - Use with caution!. Duplicates all prior News articles from News into Pro_News. Articles are stored in Default Section/Category, and then must be reassigned to appropriate Sections and Categories manually!



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