Pro_News CM v4.0.1 BETA is Released

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14 Jun '15 Sun Jun 14, 2015 19:18    
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Post Pro_News CM v4.0.1 BETA is Released

For anyone interested I've released Pro_News CM version 4.0.1 to github as a BETA.

Anyone can download and use, but be aware that it is BETA code, so use accordingly until we have some tester feedback.

It is already running here, and i will be installing on soon.

This is my first release of Pro_News via github, but it is easier for me, at least as easy for you, and you can see all the updates if you need to. (Note the earliest release on github is 4.0.0 which matches the last release in Download here.

You have several choices as to how you retrieve the release from github; in order of complexity (hardest first):

  1. You can signin on github, create your own clone on github, and make whatever changes you want - and send them back to me (via a 'Pull request')
  2. You can install git on your personal confuser and clone/pull the code down to your system, and use there, or
  3. You can just grab it as a ZIP file - just like you did here - by clicking on the button on the lower right - no login required.

Significant changes since 4.0.0 include but are not limited to:
  • Add full image as template variable for Home and Hdln so that image linking is an option in template
  • Add Config option for existing SEO-friendly Titles option to reverse breadcrumbs so Article is first
  • Support OpenGraph (for Facebook) and Microdata (for Google+) in head for full Article page
  • Add Config option Enable Open Graph Support for same
  • Add Config option to resize thumbnails based on height, width or max dimension (same as Coppermine)
  • Drop $siteslogan from full Article Meta description statement
  • Removed Pending Article check from all but Admin > Articles in order to speed up Submit Article
  • New Center Block options to use Section template (allows > 1 center template layout)
  • Add option for Center Blocks to report on > 1 Category (within same or different Section)
  • New input field in Admin > Submit Article to enter a specific SEO Description for Google, etc.
  • Minor improvements to Admin menu display for consistency
  • Bug fix for article access when member of > 1 group in Search and similar
  • Bug fix in Center Block when specifying Category and Section
  • Center Block display now confirms that more articles do exist before displaying more...
  • Improvements to image display logic if display no images is set
  • Bug fix for Center Block random display logic
  • The first 5 User Fields are included as template variables in Home and Hdln displays
  • Reduction in number of Meta keywords (from 30 to 10) and minimum word length of 6 (was 3)
  • Redirect a login permissions access error to login (instead of an error message)
  • Enable Article Title in URL for rss feed
  • Many and various changes to CSS, including changes to suit latest Enhanced BBCode hack

Any questions let me know. Looking forward to feedback ... Wink

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17 Jun '15 Wed Jun 17, 2015 21:14    
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Post Re: Pro_News CM v4.0.1 BETA is Released

Added an update - to v4.0.2 - as I stupidly forgot to include the new SEO Description field in v4.0.1

If you have already downloaded 4.0.1, you should download 4.0.2 but you only need copy over themes/{your_theme}/template/pro_news/submit.html and modules/Pro_News/cpg_inst.php and run Upgrade from Administration > General > Modules > Edit.

If you haven't yet downloaded the 4.0.1 zip, then just download the latest 4.0.2 instead - everything is included.

layingback's server specs (Server OS / Apache / MySQL / PHP / DragonflyCMS)

2.6.32 / 1.3 - 2.4 / 5.5 - 5.6 / 5.4 - 5.5 / 9.4

19 Jun '15 Fri Jun 19, 2015 22:33    
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Post Re: Pro_News CM v4.0.1 BETA is Released

Just put 4.0.3 BETA up. ( And yes, there will be a 4.0.4 Sad )

Cleaning up a nasty error which corrupted the page if you had a link in the article Intro and enabled the new OpenGraph / Microdata stuff for Facebook and Google+.

But have also added a number of additional commands to said OpenGraph / Microdata and extended it to Twitter cards.

Also I now support make_clickable (from nbbcode.php) so that links of the form and email addresses and the new @username will become clickable automatically as they do in Forums. ( Didn't know about it when I first started on Beta 0.99 Shocked and never revisited! Wink )

layingback's server specs (Server OS / Apache / MySQL / PHP / DragonflyCMS)

2.6.32 / 1.3 - 2.4 / 5.5 - 5.6 / 5.4 - 5.5 / 9.4

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