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Post v9 of My Enhanced BBCode Hack

A new version of NBBCode with a number of significant fixes, plus minor corrections:

  1. Support for %20/spaces in image links (as used by photobucket.com) and = (as used by 500px.com)
  2. Above produced by Nano and with additional 'hardening'
  3. Completely new BBCode parser by DJMaze supporting List embedded within other BBCode commands
  4. Improved image links code adapted to imgurl code
  5. Support for width etc options in urlimg codes
  6. Percentage alternative for img/imgl/imgr codes which sets width of image as percentage of page width
  7. Improved textflow around particularly imgl codes for reDesign themes
  8. Support for rel=author (Google+)
  9. Addition of Gray and Lime colors to pulldown
  10. All 22 base smilies should now fit without need for More link
  11. Includes new free ThumbsUp smilie

Here's a screen shot of the latest BBCode table. The screenshot is of reDesign3+ version, but the full functionality is still there for reDesign3 and for other themes. Both types of buttons are included in the pack.

And a list of the functions now supported. Those with an asterisk are enabled via this hack.

  • Bold
  • Italic
  • Underline
  • Strike*
  • Spoiler with CSS unhide*
  • Title for custom sub headings*
  • Text left to right
  • Text right to left
  • Email - with optional display text*
  • URL link - with follow option for Admin only*
  • IMG with URL link (eg to larger image)*
  • PDF link with PDF icon*
  • Justify full
  • Justify left
  • Center
  • Justify right
  • Text colour
  • Image - with resize and/or title/alt options*
  • Image float left with resize and/or title/alt*
  • Image float right with resize and/or title/alt*
  • Youtube embed - with resize & noControl*
  • Vimeo embed - with resize*
  • Flash
  • Flv
  • Quote
  • Code
  • PHP - with PHP5 <?php*
  • HR line
  • Marquee down
  • Marquee up
  • Marquee left
  • Marquee right
  • Font size
  • Search*
  • List*
  • Numbered list*
  • Lettered list*
  • Roman numeral list*
  • List symbol*
  • Table*
  • Table row*
  • Table heading*
  • Table cell*
  • Flags*

A complete up-to-date BBCode user help file with examples is included.

And it is running here, so you can check it out prior to downloading.

Get it here.

Currently only for Beta testers. If I could feedback from them please? I'm pretty confident that a) it works, and b) I've packaged the main components correctly. Just not so sure that I have all the needed CSS (related to displaying the BBCode and Smilie tables themselves), as I'm already at reDesign4 myself! Seems it's all good (Thanks!). Enjoy!

If you find this useful for your site, please consider a donation. TIA!

layingback's server specs (Server OS / Apache / MySQL / PHP / DragonflyCMS)

2.6.32 / 1.3 - 2.4 / 5.5 - 5.6 / 5.4 - 5.5 / 9.4

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