Submission of Articles by User

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Posten Submission of Articles by User

A Submit Article link exists on the Pro_News page reachable from the Pro_news entry on the Main Menu.

By default any user can submit an article, with image, to be submit for review and approval by the Administrator.

Additionally, and by Section, a group (other than All or Registered Members) can be granted submit rights without needing approval, ie. article is immediately available to view. Such members of this group will also be able to edit their own published articles, but not those of other members of their group.

Edit by users (or Admins) can be accomplished from an Edit (or Can Admin) link beneath the displayed article, both in list (ie. Home page style) and in the full article.

All submit and edit article screens offer Preview before Submission, even the edit ones. Users (but not Admins) are required to Preview an article at least once before Submitting it. Also users (but not Admins) are required to enter a Title, select a Category and enter at least an Intro, before they are able to Submit an article.

Preview shows the entire article, including the image, and any links that are present. However during Preview the Discuss link is not live.

A direct link to Submit Article can easily be created, in the Main Menu or elsewhere, by linking (getlink) to


Or if you have LEO turned on to Pro_News/mode=submit.html.

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Posten Re: Submission of Articles by User

Is there a way to allow visitors to only post to one category/section ?

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4 Mar '09 Wed Mar 04, 2009 04:22    
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Posten Re: Submission of Articles by User

I created a group called STAFF, which is where I have users who can publish articles and do not need the approval of an administrator.

In the administration of assigned Pro_News which is administered by the group called STAFF, but when they publish an article if it is activated but not approved immediately.

how can I do to activate and be adopted immediately without need for an administrator to intervene

wumaxtreme please enter your server specs in your user profile! Crying or Very sad  
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