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Pro_News version 3.2: Lots of Improvement

Pagination in Article List in Admin Panel
Pagination in Article List in Admin Panel

I have been testing and using Pro_News 3.1 and I think this module has a powerful feature and need to be explored further, and of course need adding more great feature. I love too much for this Pro_News module, and that is why I am too interested to add some enhancements.

I almost complete my modification into version Pro_News version 3.1. Mostly, I made this modification based on the original News module such as "Related Topics" that I modified became "Related Articles" and "Notify Administrator of Pending Articles". The other modifications that I created is because of my need to manage article from Admin Panel, such as: Pagination link in Articles List page in, Forum ID selection in Category form, Show or hidden "No Image" holder in article page, Edit Forum ID from Submit Article page (just for edit/preview mode).

I am sure this will be useful to others who need this great module!

So... here are the modifications that I made so far:

  1. Added new feature "Related Articles". I modified "Submit Article" page, in order admin or user (client) will be able to choose the article(s) related to the article they want to submit. And of course, this "Related Articles" link would be displayed in the bottom of an article.
  2. Added Pagination feature in Articles List in Admin Panel, including the number of articles based on the category being choosen, added the record number in each row, and also added the date when the article was made/sent.
  3. Added validation before INSERT INTO article to database, whether the article already exists or not, both in client and admin panel. If the article already exists in database, then do nothing, else execute the INSERT INTO sql. This is very useful to avoid spam article if submitted by registered user.
  4. Added the ability to show textbox contains of topic_id on Article Form (in edit mode), especially if the article edited from admin panel. This will be helpful if admin want to assign an article to specified topic id in forum (in case if admin need to assign the forum topic to specified article that created without adding link "Discuss This Article")
  5. Added a "Show 'No Image' if there is no image in article" option in Admin Config Panel. If this option assigned with "Yes" then the 'No Image' holder would be displayed, if assigned with "No" then only a small box holder would be displayed (without No Image holder). This will decrease the area in article page if there is no image uploaded. Wink
  6. Added Forum selection in Category of Admin Panel. This is useful for website which has many categories under a section; whereas each article in a category will be assigned to the different forum or sub forum. I am sure this is often needed, because mostly we have to assign the forum id based on the category level (not always based on Section level). The rule is: If admin choose "None" for "Forum" selection in Category form, then "Forum" selection in Section form will be used. If admin define a certain forum selection in Category form, then it will override the Forum selection in Section form. TO DO:
  7. Added "Notify Administrator of Pending Articles" feature based on the original News module.

Since I made lots of modification, I changed its version became 3.2. I also modified the cpg_inst.php file in order easy to test as easy if you install it from clean install or you can also upgrade from 3.1 or lower version to 3.2.

I hope I will finish all of this tomorrow (in the next 12 hours for the "TO DO" list above). I will send the complete source code to Download section of this website in order to test by layingback. For some reasons, I cannot post only the code change. Any comment, layingback?

Pagination in Article List in Admin Panel
Forum Name Selection by Category (besides by Section)



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