Language Support

Please Help with Translations of Pro_News

I have taken Language support for Pro_news as far as I am able. I've moved every textual literal (I think/hope) to the pro_news english language file. I've also implemented multilingual support along the same lines as News - so that articles can be submitted in more than 1 language, with the appropriate article display under general user control via the CPG-Nuke Dragonfly Language option.

But my linguist skills run to English and American! So if anyone wishes to translate to other languages, I'm sure other users would be grateful.

Already translated languages include Arabic, French, German, Indonesian, Norwegian and Spanish, with promises for a Portuguese translation in the future. These translations can be downloaded from here. You can sample the translation by clicking on a flag from the Select Language block on the left.

Please announce new language support here, and upload the files to our Downloads section.




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