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layingback blog

layingback blog
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Mega Menus

July 19, 10


layingback blog: Deep User Menu Levels


I hate menus. I like what menus do, keep access to a large array of selections in a small neat package. But I hate how those menus are usually used.
Click here, slide down , here, then across, then down, and careful not to drop of the edge or you might have to start over from the top. Do not pass Go, ... you know the drill. Note as bad as a telephone automated directory, but not fun.

There is however a solution - Mega Menus. See here for a summary of Mega Menus from one of the User Interface gurus in my opinion.

But I want them on DragonflyCMS. Well I've got half way. I've implemented the code, and it's available on this site. What I haven't done yet is those marvelous 2+ column wide menus with clear borders, etc. Someday soon hopefully. In the meantime better menus for all!

Here's the link to the Forum post.
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