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Latest News

Latest News

Pro_News 3.2 Now Available!

Best Pro_News Yet!
Best Pro_News Yet!
Just to let everyone know that the latest and best Pro_News available is now ready, initially just for Sponsors, but it will be released to Registered Members shortly, and then everyone.

Lots and lots of small but useful enhancements, continuing the push to make Pro_News easier to deploy and manage.

Update: Now available to all. Enjoy! And please think about the Donation ...

Update: If you downloaded as a Sponsor before 17 Oct 09, please read this. 1 file needs to be updated. Sorry!

This release has benefited from even more input from members of this site, bring you more features and even more thorough testing.

You'll need to see the Downloads page for most of the changes, or the Changes.txt file in the release for the whole story, but some of the bigger improvements include:

  • Display in Home option added at Article level
  • Access level restrictions for Article Posting added, selectable by Section
  • Related Articles feature added, allowing links to be added per Article to existing Articles
  • Per Category option for Forums, allowing different forums (or no Forum) to be assigned
  • Pagination in Admin > Articles (Courtesy of masino_sinaga)
  • Join in the discussion legend display selectable by Section/Category
  • Revised layout for Admin > Sections and Admin > Categories to improved readability
  • Option to notify user of his/her article being approved.
  • Text for email notifications now changed via Admin > Config
  • Ability to hide "No Image" or other default image via Admin > Config
  • Fixed/improved thumbnail generation for .png files
  • Improved email notification code, for multi-lang or single use
  • Improved Admin > Block display interface, with link to Blocks module
  • Added alternate Social Networking template in the currently popular "hover" style
  • Added "Enable Social Networking" parameter to Admin > Config
  • Included index2alb-nh.html and index2gly-nh.html templates into the product
  • Increase of Social Network site links to 42, with transparent background .png icons
  • Disable Article link to image if no larger image to display

Many thanks for making this release happen go to:
  • Courtesy of masino_sinaga - code development & testing
  • fishingfan - code development & testing
  • rosbif - testing
  • greenday2k - testing

And if you want to express your thanks, then donations are always appreciated as a way of saying thanks for the effort!

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Re: Pro_News 3.2 Now Available!   -   See entire comment Hi Layingback.

I would like to thank you for an awesome module. I've been watching the Pro_news developing over the last year or more and this late ...  more
Re: Pro_News 3.2 Now Available!   -   See entire comment
- MikeSSC
When importing the existing articles, is it possible to also copy across the number of "views"?

The import module is trivi ...  more
Re: Pro_News 3.2 Now Available! Thank you for you hard work.
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