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Innlegg Home Page Display & Headlines

There are 3 ways to display Pro_News Articles, but you select between them if you don't not want to offer all 3:

- Pro_News Headlines;
- Pro_News Home Page;
- Pro_News Menu Link.

Dealing with each in reverse order...

Pro_News Menu Link
The Main menu link to Pro_News will display a index of Sections and Categories, structured to allow for the selection of Articles to be viewed by the Section or Category of choice.

Pro_News Home Page
If Pro_news is promoted to Use as Home in Administration > Modules, then the Home display will be a display of all Articles - with pagination support - structured as a single stream, by Section only, or by Category within Section. Note: If you are using Pro_news as a a replacement for News and are going to allow old Articles to build up over time, you probably do not want display by Section, or by Category within Section, simply because users will have to wade through all the old Articles in the 1st Section/Category, before they can reach the Articles in the next Category/Section.

Pro_News Headlines
Pro_News Headlines feature is available, though Administration > Pro_news > Config, if Pro_News is first promoted to Use as Home in Administration > Modules. Headlines will take only the first few Articles overall, of each Section (set to display in Home), or of each Category within each Section, and display abbreviated versions of them, along with their images, in a single panel. This provides a compact way to show the newest and latest Articles. The full Articles, or the list of Articles for the chosen Category, are all just a click away.

It is also possible, by clicking on the All link by the "Latest Headlines" text, to access the full Home display of Articles. The idea being that you can compress the amount of space needed to hold Pro_news on the Home page, yet still allow those interested to display fill the entire screen with Articles in a single click.

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