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Want to validate your site against the W3C validator but get the No document type declaration; will parse without validation error?

Well if you are using WeatherHarvest, it is because it is putting its javascript declaration right at the very top of the page, even before the !DOCTYPE declaration. Not good.

Fortunately the fix is fairly easy. In /modules/WeatherHarvest/wh_ini.php find around line 35:

	echo "<script type=\"text/javascript\" src=\"modules/WeatherHarvest/utils/animateImages.js\"></script>";

and change it to:

//	echo "<script type=\"text/javascript\" src=\"modules/WeatherHarvest/utils/animateImages.js\"></script>";

i.e. comment it out so it is ignored.

Now in /modules/WeatherHarvest/index.php find a blank line around line 18 and insert the line:

$modheader .= "<script type=\"text/javascript\" src=\"modules/WeatherHarvest/utils/animateImages.js\"></script>";

Notice that this is not exactly the same line as you removed, you are replacing the echo with $modheader .= so that Dragonfly can output the script declaration at the appropriate time with the rest of the scripts, rather than immediately as before.

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