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19 Apr '07 Thu Apr 19, 2007 21:35    
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Posten Temperature Font Size in Newer Themes

You may have noticed that the font size of the temperature value in the WeatherHarvest block has dropped back to normal text size. Reason is WeatherHarvest uses the now almost deprecated font number system (font-size=8). Problem is that many of the newer themes use px-based CSS font sizing for better control, and don't even bother to set the base font-size value, thus 8 doesn't relate to anything.

Here's the cure. In /modules/WeatherHarvest/d_config.php find around line 1,244:

    $return_string .= sprintf( "<td align=\"$iconalign\"><font size=\"".$fontsize."\">%s</font>", $tempString );

and change it to:

    $return_string .= sprintf( "<td align=\"$iconalign\"><span style=\"font-size:".$fontsize."px;font-weight:bold;\">%s</span>", $tempString );

Also to get the WeatherHarvest S, M, L font sizes back into their approximate original sizes, you will want to also find, around lines 677, 682, 686, these 3 lines:

	  $fontsize = "8";

$fontsize = "10";

$fontsize = "12";

and bump them up to:

	  $fontsize = "16";

$fontsize = "20";

$fontsize = "24";

Of course now that the size is px-based, you can set it to any font size you want.

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