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Anything related to how this particular website is set up
3 Nov '08 Mon Nov 03, 2008 18:54    
BetaTester  BetaTester

Kirim Who is Where

I've noticed you've had a LOT of visitors today - anywhere from 75-105...and many seem to be going to bogus pages...

Just thought it was odd...someone trying to break your setup or something in who is where broken?

Scott please enter your server specs in your user profile! Crying or Very sad  
12 Nov '08 Wed Nov 12, 2008 14:12    
Site Admin  

Kirim Re: Who is Where

Could be either. I see it happening a lot at dragonflycms site too, and they don't seem worried, nor have they fixed anything. They say it is a bot gone mad. And it has to be one that ignores robots.txt (common) and masquerades as a normal user. I suspect cuill, a new "search engine" from 2 ex-Google employees. It's very odd. I thought it was a buggy beta at first, but they have gone live now, and no fix. It - believe it or not - takes parameters from 1 link on your site and then uses on another. *MAYBE* it makes sense on a static site, but on a db-driven site it's terrible.

On 11/3 I got SQL errors reported where cuill.com was passing WeatherHarvest parameters to CPGNuCalendar, literally taking the start of CPGNuCalendar url, and pasting on the end of a WeatherHarvest link!!! Crazy.

I would like to get off their visit list, which they offer, but you have to send an email(!) with lots of personal data to get them to even consider removing you. Perhaps that's the data they are trying to harvest? Wink

If it persists I'll block their IP's.

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