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31 Dec '69 Tor Nov 06, 2008 17:17    
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Just curious if you know why your forums theme doesn't properly line wrap in safari? I know, I know - don't use mac.....but when I read your forums I have to scroll right to read long lines. Works properly in Firefox.

Its not a big deal....just curious if there is something "wrong" with the layout, or is it a "bug" in safari? I use default themes on my main site and safari handles the line wraps properly.

Again, just a curiosity, not a problem!

Scott please enter your server specs in your user profile! Gråtande eller väldigt ledsen  
31 Dec '69 Ons Nov 12, 2008 14:01    
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Is it the PHP code inserts that's the difference? They don't wrap if the lines are long. I've always used large monitors (from when I worked for a monitor company) so tend to let my lines of code e x t e n d . . .

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