Adding a menu link to a page that you want as a stand alone

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Post Adding a menu link to a page that you want as a stand alone

Whilst doing a website, I had to put in an "About us" Page that was a stand alone page, and had its own link in the main menu.

Similar to what the "Blank module" addon does, but I wanted the customer to be able to edit it themselves.

So here's what I did using Pro News, I set up a new section and a new category called "Location"

So that when the article link was selected on the Main menu, the breadcrumb style of trail would be displayed in the title bar of the page this way "Pro News › Location › Name of the article" (In my case this would be "About Us")

I then added the artcle "About Us" to the Location Category but left the "Active" unchecked (Approved is checked)

By right clicking > properties on the article "Title" link I found the articles id "http://website dot com/index.php?name=Pro_News&aid=23"

In the CPG Main menu I then added this section of the above address to a new link called About Us "Pro_News&aid=23" and set it as "getlink"

And that was it.

You probably don't have to set up a new category and section if you don't want to, it all depends on what you want to see on the Title bar. Leaving the article "Active" unchecked will stop the article displaying in the categories section in the Pro News module, but a link to it, will pull it up.

This approach could possibly could be used as a link in an article scenarion too if need be, I haven't tried it yet.




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