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31 Dec '69 Lør Feb 03, 2007 00:40    
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Innlegg Images Not Showing In Discuss Forum

I noticed that while I had an image on the Home page in the article, when clicking Discuss to go to the forums the image is not there. Not known if that is meant to be, but it makes it kinda difficult to remember what you're commenting/discussing when you can't see that image again. Maybe it's just me...I am almost 51 years old after all! Ler

chris5000 please enter your server specs in your user profile! Gråter eller Veldig trist  
31 Dec '69 Lør Feb 03, 2007 01:59    
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Innlegg Re: Images Not Showing In Discuss Forum

Haven't touched that part of the code, at all. From the concept of Discuss_This in Forums replacing Comments, then it wouldn't come up - you wouldn't have the image in Comments. I guess it could be done fairly straightforwardly, but I'll leave the implementation of that to another.

As I may have mentioned elsewhere, I wanted to developed some aspects of Pro_News for a specific use (probably not for distribution). But as I had gotten to use all this PHP-Nuke > CPG-Nuke > Dragonfly goodness due to the generosity of others, I felt I should first fix up Pro_News as a general purpose Article module and release that under GPL v2 and later before starting on my personal version. As I have no longterm use for Discuss I understandably didn't delve too deeply in that area - beyond making sure that what was there worked. (The general release of Pro_News has already consumed all the time I had allocated for both it, and the development of my specialised version.)

almost 51 years old

- A wee youngster, eh? To refinish Pro_news I had to remember SQL. I was at one time project lead on the 2nd commercially released B*Tree RDMS using SQL. The first was at IBM Research San Jose by Jim Gray, co-designer of SQL! Sadly Jim Gray is currently missing at sea just off the California coast... He went out on his boat Sunday (1/28/07) alone for a day trip.

layingback's server specs (Server OS / Apache / MySQL / PHP / DragonflyCMS)

2.6.32 / 1.3 - 2.4 / 5.5 - 5.6 / 5.4 - 5.5 / 9.4

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