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Catégorie BlocksUpgraded Blocks
Nom de l'auteur
Homepage layingback.net
Version WHdfc9
Compatibility 9.2.1
Mon Jun 16, 2008 4:50 pm

WeatherHarvest block reduced in size to hide all link options except Local Radar and Extended Forecast, plus a new link for 'more ...'.

Developed from block-WeatherHarvest.php for Dragonfly 9.2.1.

Usage is as follows: Install block-WeatherHarvest_small.php and assign it to all modules which are to display the Weather block EXCEPT for the WeatherHarvest module itself, which needs to remain with the original block-WeatherHarvest.php. The new more link takes you to the WeatherHarvest module page, at which point users will have access to the full menu in the original WeatherHarvest block.

I found that the primary use of WeatherHarvest was the current temp, etc. display, and just the links to the Local Radar and the Extended Forecast. The rest used up space, and caused some confusion on what to select.

Note that you will need to assign different block names to each, e.g. Local Area Weather and Local Weather. Due to a design choice in Blocks Admin, 2 blocks with the same name will only appear ONCE in the blocks list. Workaround: If this happens, just rename the version that you can see, and then the other version will become visible again.
Evaluation _DLP_NRATED
Popularité 4/5: Populaires
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